WoT Idol is a song parody contest for and by The Wheel of Time fans

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Here are the rules:

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Participation rules:

  1. 1 Submission per songwriter
  2. 1 Submission per performer (lead vocalist)
  3. Please note: other than your own submission:
    1. You can play instruments on one other submission,
    2. And you can do background vocals in one other submission
    3. And you can help create visuals for one other submission

Submission rules:

  1. Can’t be shared with the public prior to it being aired on The Dusty Wheel. If it is, it will be disqualified. (you can share it with close friends or family, but not with people online)
  2. Lyrics must be original (don’t use samples of copyrighted original lyrics or original artist vocals)
  3. Please avoid including excessive swearing and mature content, and harmful material (if you have questions about your submissions, please reach out)
  4. No original music, but you can use your own instruments or an existing Karaoke Track
  5. Must be a minimum of 30 seconds long
  6. No max length
    1. We may not show more than 1:30 unless your submission makes it to the final 4
  7. Must be submitted as an unlisted YouTube link with on-screen text (this requires a free YouTube account)
    1. If YouTube blocks your video it can’t be shown during the stream; however, copyright claims are still accepted.
    2. IMPORTANT: Do not add your unlisted video to a public YouTube Playlist or it can be viewed/seen before the competition!
  8. You must include on-screen text/lyrics in your video but additional visual presentation not required
  9. Lyrics must be included in the YouTube video description

Submit through WoTidol.com by April 8th.

Screenshot of Joel Henley's song parody from WoT idol 2022. On-screen text says "In an age long ago." Joel is on-screen singing into a microphone and holding a guitar.
Screenshot of WoT Idol 2022 when Hammed Animashaun (Loial in WoTonPrime) surprised us by inviting Marcus Rutherford (Perrin in WoTonPrime) to join the stream. Marcus is sitting next to him on Hammed's left (our right).
Taylor and Matt side-by-side on "set" at the Dusty Wheel. The Dusty Wheel wooden sign is visible behind them. Matt has a laptop in front of him and some hand-made leather items that were made as giveaways for the WoT Idol 2022 competition. A red leather Wheel of Time themed dice box. A larger yellow Wheel of Time themed leather box with a zipper at the top. And a leather armband that was made based on Lan's armbands in the Wheel of Time show.
Livestream screenshot from WoT Idol 2022. Hammed Animashaun (Loial in WoTonPrime) is in the upper left. Lauren (Unraveling the Pattern) upper right. Jon (WoTUp) lower left. Ilkin Gambar (Kings and Generals) on the bottom right.

Here are some tips:

  1. Try to catch people’s attention in the first minute (long intros might need to be shortened or simplified)
  2. You might want to find out if YouTube will block your content before you spend hours working on it
  3. Consider using a popular song but do not include original instrumentals, lyrics, or vocals
  4. Visual presentation preferred, but can be audio only (see rules 6 and 7)
  5. In addition to on-screen text, closed captions are encouraged
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